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This Week: Help Me Rally for Migraine Research!

Next Saturday, October 7th, two awareness organizations are teaming up for a huge and important event that is especially close to me. Miles for Migraine and Runnin’ for Research (yus, alliteration) are hosting a national Migraine and Headache Awareness Race Day. My partner Eric and I are participating and raising funds – and you can help!

Why I really, really care about this event:

Migraine is egregiously underfunded relative to the damage it does. This disease touches one in four families in the U.S. and directly affects the bodies of 12% of the population – including children. (Personally, I was 3 years old when I was diagnosed). Apart from inflicting severe pain and a wide range of neurological symptoms, Migraine steals from us the most valuable prize – time.


Eric the running man.
Despite the widespread and devastating impact, Migraine receives a despicably small amount of attention in the research and medical world. There is still no cure. Researchers are unsure of the cause. And in 2015, the National Institute of Health spent just 50 cents on Migraine research per person with the disease. I have no effective treatment, so in 2015 I lost 365 days to Migraine, while the NIH spent just 50 cents on me.

Awareness is the First Step Towards Research

Increasing Migraine awareness is the first step to increasing funding from NIH and other researchers. Too many people think of Migraine disease as a “headache” and that stigma has real effects on the amount of respect – and, ultimately, funding – that Migraine receives.

My supportive and wonderful partner Eric Smith and I are running (maybe walking) a goal distance of 5 miles each on October 7th and raising funds for research while we do so. We appreciate every dollar donated to this cause that means so much to us and has impacted so many millions. (*Note: Eric will be picking up my slack, so if I’m too ill for even a mile he will do 10. He’s mostly on board.)

To support us, visit our fundraising page here.

100% of proceeds will go towards Migraine research. Thank you for donating, sharing, and doing what you can to help out.

Every penny, every kind word means a lot

When I first got sick, I was afraid to talk to people about my attacks because it seemed so weird and really hard to understand. But since I began writing on this blog, sharing, and over-sharing my experiences, I have received nothing but kindness and support from the people in my life and from strangers.

I appreciate every kind word and every one of you who takes the time out of your day to read and try to understand the struggles of one young woman – struggles that resonant and ripple far beyond us.

Together I hope we can make a small difference and bring a little more light to a community constantly in the dark.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.