one less wild woman

Welcome! My name is Angie Glaser and I am a 20-something runner, reader, writer, and nature lover. I have suffered with migraines since I was a wee child, and they have been chronic since 2013. Thanks to migraines, I was forced to trade in my mountain home and my job as a park ranger for a room in my parents’ suburban home and all of the hardships that migraines bring.

I started this blog to share my quest for peace, raise migraine awareness, and connect to others who live each day in pain. I am a firm believer in the healing powers of nature and a good cry.

Want more reading on migraines and life with chronic pain? I am also the Content Editor of MigraineAgain.com and frequently contribute articles, as well. You can find everything I’ve written for Migraine Again here.


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